What is A Poetic Word?

A Poetic Word is a platform that provides prophetically influenced poems. The primary purpose of this blog is to teach biblical wisdom, not only to those who are young and inexperienced, but also to the knowledgeable. I believe God’s word is ever-evolving, there is always a new revelation and deeper “insight.” The guiding principle of this blog is to provide wisdom and understanding on building and maintaining a relationship with God. Without wisdom and understanding, we will endure needless pain in our lives. Found in Proverbs 3:13,“How blessed is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gains understanding”. Wisdom is something we must find, therefore it is something we have to seek. A Poetic Word would like to be the platform that propels you into blessings and purpose.

Inside the Insight is a page within my blog on which I spend time breaking down scriptures and sharing biblical intelligence. I believe many of us struggle with applying biblical wisdom in our lives. I admit, when I first started reading the bible it felt unrelatable or the words threw me off so I stopped reading. After receiving support and encouragement to keep reading, today I have a better understanding of applying biblical wisdom in our daily lives. I share these understanding and “insight” on Inside the Insights in hope that it will encourage you to keep reading. I believe biblical wisdom can and should be used as daily life skills, Inside the Insight provides biblical wisdom as practical life skills and concept.