The Prophets are Coming

Like soldiers marching to Zion,
Over hills and through the valley.
There is a tremor in the land
From the stomping of their feet.
The vultures scatter and the lion roars.
The cloud kisses the earth causing a tornado.
Seeds are rooted up and systems crumble.
Armored with helmets made of salvation,
Breastplates made from righteous steel.
For balance, their waists are gird with the truth.
Their feet step sternly in peace,
And they walk through the fire with shields of faith.
The swords of the spirit are drawn.
They are coming with groaning,
For hot coals are on their tongues.
They are coming with strong winds
And untainted minds.
They are coming with few words for enough has been said.
They are coming; the prophets are coming.

Scripture Support: 2 Chronicles 24:19 “Yet He sent prophets among them to bring them back to the Lord. These testified against them, but they would not pay attention.”


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