Consuming Fire

Our God is a consuming fire,
He is a jealous God.
Watch your words and your actions.
Be careful of what and who you submit to.
Cut off the habits that have become gods in your life.
Show gratitude and steward your gifts well.
Keep your temple clean and pure,
Live by His commandments.
Do not put anything before Him
Or else His nostrils flare with flames like that of a dragon.
AcKnowledge His presence and listen to His voice
Or be left over to your reprobate mind.
He is a consuming fire for the ones He loves; He loves us all.
Let Him be your first and your last,
Your one and your only.
Your future and not your past.
Give Him your pillow talks at night
And your morning breath as you rise.
Like a child to a parent, respect Him.
Tell Him the truth because He cares.
He is a God who wants to be your everything:
Your father, your lawyer, your oxygen.
Let Him be yours, and you be His
He is a consuming fire with a flame that destroys and another that purifies.
It is better to follow Him than it is to be consumed by either.

Scripture Support: Deuteronomy 4:24 For the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.


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