Look to The Hill

When life is hard as it sometimes is,
When the narrow path you’re toiling has twists and turns.
When your income is low and the bills are high.
Look to the Hill, look to Most High.

When responsibilities weigh on you
Cry if you must, but from the Hill you must not move.
As everyone of us will learn
That with great anointing comes great responsibilities.
But rest assured, there is help for you at the Hill.

In the night when friends are gone and family asleep,
You toss and turn, you wrestle with your sheets.
But the Watchman does not slumber; no He does not sleep.
He will attend to you like a shepherd to his sheep.

Life is a marathon,
With unexpected blows.
Run to the Hill when you are hardest hit.
The finish line may be near when it seems so far,
You must not quit.
Blessings are trials turned inside out
When you look to the Hill without a doubt.

Scripture Support: Psalm 121 “I will lift my eyes onto the hill from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord.”


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