Wrestling with Temptation

By Jalen Larmond (guest post)

I fell once again, temptation snuck in.
The Flesh spoke and I listened,
Told me to do it and I gave in.
I felt good at the moment,
But Afterwards, I didn’t.

Conviction rushed in,
I grew upset that I gave in.
But this is what the Lord said, “Listen.
My grace is sufficient,
My strength is made perfect in your weakness”

Sitting down reminiscing on this revelation
Gave me the peace and the power to keep on pressing.
Jesus is the only way to overcome the sins we struggle with.
He gives us the power so we don’t have to fall again.
Someone might ask, “Then what do I do when faced with temptations?”

I say this:
“Speak the word of the Lord to avoid all desolation,
Just like Jesus did when He was tempted by Satan.”

The word of the Lord is unchanging.
The word of the Lord is the greatest,
A powerful tool for those who treasure it.
It is the sharpest truth when faced with deception.
A master key, providing an exit from temptation.

With the word of the Lord in my arsenal
I can stand and face any temptation.
Lest I remind you that defeat is your destination.
The Lord is great, that’s why we praise Him.
He is the true help to overcoming temptation.

Scripture Support: Mark 14:38. “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”


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