How Dare You?

by Jalen Larmond (Guest Post)

God Addresses Man:

How dare you?!
Do you not remember who I am?
I am the God of all things seen and unseen,
Things known and things unknown.
Yet still you dare to defy my word!
How dare you pull such a stunt?

I am a God of Mercy and Grace
And yes I am slow to anger
But don’t you dare take that for granted.
I can erase all that I have blessed you with and reduce you to nothing.
I am GOD. I am God ALMIGHTY.

I have been calling out to you in visions and dreams,
yet you ignore me.
In your womb I have placed ideas for you to give birth to and nurture,
Yet you neglect it

I am a faithful God; But to me you are unfaithful.
You have asked for much and I have delivered
But you fail to die to your ways and your own desires.
What about what I want from you?
Does it not it not matters?
You say, “let your will be done”
Who’s will do you really want to be done?
Or is it just a catchy phrase that rolls easily of your tongue?

You are hesitant to steward what I have already said to you.
You are slow to discernment.
You are stagnant towards going deep in my Word.
You neglect my divine dreams and visions,
And you push over my voice with your own.
Oh you disobedient children.

Seek me while you can still find me,
For behold there is coming a time of dark silence.
Run to me with a heart filled with conviction
While you are still able to run.
Stagnancy and stubbornness,
I beseech you to GIVE THEM UP.

I know your anointing requires much
And the weight of your purpose can be heavy
But I have already equipped you with what you need.
Yet you remain stuck in your old mindset.
Didn’t my word say to take on the mind of my Son?
Listen my children or be left undone.

WAKE UP you who are asleep!
How dare you sleep when I have appointed you a watchman?
WAKE UP! Stand on your posts and towers.
WAKE UP! Sound my alarm.

Many of you are distracted.
Put away the phones and turn off the computers.
Those worthless friendships that bear no fruits,
Those distracting relationships that blind you,
How dare you put these things over me?
I will destroy everything that you distract yourself with.
Do not play with me. I am God, your God.

Scripture Support:
Luke 6:46 “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’and do not do what I say?”
Ezekiel‬ ‭7:3‬ ‭”I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.”


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