Lamentation Pt.3: Why Lament?

In a world surrounded by lust, grief, and wrong teachings
It is easy to sin.
Because society promotes individualism, to the flesh we easily give in.
There are laws normalizing pedophilia
While Netflix sexualizes our children in the media.
A lamentation is a cry to God for restoration and repentance;
It is an appropriate response to the evil in the land.
With no more burnt offerings and animal sacrifices
A lamentation is a direct dial to heaven’s crisis hotline.
It is a way for the us to process emotions then express them to God.

After acknowledging our sins
A lamentation helps us to communicate
Our distress to God about what’s wrong in our lives.
It allows for a nurturing relationship,
Establishing Him not only as God but as a Father.
Lamenting confirms His request to cast our cares unto Him,
It gives meaning to “suffer the little children to come unto Me”.
The opportunity to lament is evidence that He takes care of His children.
Lamentation is essential to understanding the important aspects of His love:
Mercy and Forgiveness.

Lamentation is a method we use to
Navigate our pain and suffering.
It is a vital technique in prayer
That permits us to petition for God to help deliver us from hurt, guilt and shame.
Lamenting in prayer is way to invoke
God to act on our behalf, it moves Him from His throne.
Lamentations gives voice to anguish that we often would not express to man.
God welcomes our lamentation without criticism.
Let us cast our lamentations onto God
Who, in His grace, already laments with and for us.

Yes, He laments.
When He gave His only begotten Son
It was an act of lamentation.
When He sent a deliverer after hearing the cry of the righteous.
It was an answer to a lamentation.
When He said “Oh ye of little faith”
That was His lamentation.
When He said “come unto me those who are heavily burden”
It was an answer to our lamentations.
When He said by His stripes we are healed
He lamented.
When He sends His prophets to a nation
It is always an answer to a lamentation.
When He sends judgment with a window for repentance.
It is an act of lamentation.
He is a lamenting God; A God of Lamentations.

Scripture Support: “Ezekiel 32:1-2 “In the twelfth year, in the twelfth month on the first day, the word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, take up a lament concerning Pharaoh king of Egypt…”


One thought on “Lamentation Pt.3: Why Lament?

  1. Wo Orayne this word is instant for this season- and it still is as to the times to come, and when the script refs were written (out of season) 🙌


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