Nigeria’s Lamentation: After This

Dear Daughter Nigeria,
I am not far from you
Nor have I forgotten you
I sit in Heaven and rule in the affairs of man.
Nigeria, I hear you.
I hear the blood shed of the innocents
Splashed on your green and white background.
A stain to forever remember,
For the world will know of your strength.

Push, Daughter Nigeria, Push
This is your long overdue labor.
You have been held back by laws and corruption.
But your water has broken.
The strain on your muscles
Has cause you to hemorrhage.
Bleed Nigeria, Bleed
For your blood will not be in vain.
Give birth to the dawn of a new generation
Scorched by My fire
And taught by My revelation.

Mother Nigeria,
You will smile again
And my glorious redemption will reflect from your teeth.
You will smile in the face of your new sun,
For there is light to come.
Smile even now,
Because my angels are warring on your behalf.
The walls of your laws are coming down
And Jericho will confine you no more.
Your sighs will be replace with glory on high.
This will soon be humor from My mouth to your ears
And you will smile again.

Daughter Nigeria,
You will sing again.
A new song, a song yet sung.
A note not yet written,
With melodies unheard by man.
The stream of revival is springing forth
From the corner of your eyes
And in me, your tears abide
Because you are my child.
I sing over you, Daughter Nigeria.
A sweet lullaby will come from you
That will give the assurance of “Help comes from Above.”
A lullaby that gives peace to surrounding nations.
A song will flow from you Nigeria.

Daughter Nigeria
I Am your Father who is Jehovah Gibbor,
Who is mighty in battle
And who is your strong tower.
I Am your defender.
Do you not trust my defense?
Lower your offense,
And invite me in.
Why isn’t your shout:
Emmanuel, Emmanuel?
Am I not with you?
Sure, I Am.
For I Am the I Am
And I Am Emmanuel!

Daughter Nigeria
Do you not know your decree?
Do you not know that
The Nigeria is the Lord’s,
And the fulness thereof; its land,
And they that dwell therein.
I founded it on the seas
And established it on the waters.
Therefore, be of good courage
You will mount up with wings like an Eagle.
Your prophets are charged to release
And your Oxen ready to plow the land.
Your Lions are prowling.

Princess Nigeria,
Square your shoulders, my soldier
And push your chest forward.
Intercede with assurance
That morning by morning
New mercies you’ll see.
Intercede with dominion and authority
Because victory is already won.
So fill your horn and go from this place call “Fear”.
The other side of this awaits.
There is an After This.

Scripture Support: Psalm 24:1-2The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.


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