Not by My Strength Lord

Co-authored with Jalen Larmond

Sometimes I want to quit.
This is a fight for the fit,
And at times I feel unfit.
Life has many snares, seen and unseen,
Near and far.
The flesh is weak and the mind is fragile.
The desires of my heart have become the thorns in my flesh.
The things I do not want to do are the things I do.
And painfully, the things I am suppose to do I fail to do.
The pressure of my purpose weighs on my prefrontal cortex,
Blurring my decision between pleasure and purpose.
“I will never get it right.” I mumble
Each time I fall to temptation.
“This walk is too narrow.” I complain
Each time I fall short of His glory.
All excuses that can lead to my detriment.
It is then I realize,
I cannot do this in my own strength.
The emotional ruckus! The rampant thoughts!
Is this necessary?
God, this call is heavy
And my hands have grown weary.
Take this cup Lord if it is your will,
For it is not by my strength.

Scripture Support: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through him who strengthens me”


2 thoughts on “Not by My Strength Lord

  1. Hi Orane and Jalen.
    Think we have all been there. All can identify. The struggle is real. Thank God we serve a God who is mightier.


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