Brothers in Christ

The thorn in my flesh
Though it comes with long suffering,
Is pale in comparison to the brother at my side.
God has blessed me, God has blessed me
With a brother by my side.
One who bears me up when I fall:
A guide to my steps,
A dictionary to my speech,
A defender when judgement comes
This is my brother whom God has placed at my side.

There have been hills to climb
And valleys we had to journey through
The sun did scorched us and waters settled under our noses.
We have toiled in the dessert,
Endured the stings of many scorpions
Injecting feelings of deceit and betrayal.
But in prayer we weighed our feelings with the Word
Then tied feelings to the altar and let it burn.
We encountered the valley of the shadow of death
That nearly stifled God’s divine connection
But like the rod and the staff
We remained each other keeper.
We found the table prepared before us
And we kneeled to the Lord in prayer.

I am the stone the builder refused
But God in all His glory and kindness
Has blessed me:
Like David and Jonathan,
A Nathan to David,
A Joshua to Moses
A David with a harp to a Saul with a troubled spirit
A Paul to a Timothy reminding him of his sound mind.
Like Elijah and Elisha wreaking havoc
On Lucifer’s kingdom.
Like iron sharpening iron in The Blacksmith’s hands
Like Ezekiel speaking to the dry bones
And Jesus resurrecting Lazarus with a “come forth”
This is the brother at my side.
God has blessed me, God has blessed me

Come what may
No matter what it looks like,
Come what may
No matter the season
I overcame it all
And my brother, through Christ, is the reason.
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus
For a brother in Christ.
You are God’s grace reflection
And no demon from hell can severed this connection.
We practiced transparency
Through repentance and confessions
Leaving no loop hole for the devil’s temptations.
Like onward christian soldiers
We are marching to Zion
With gospel of fire and crowns of glory.

Two flames have combined,
Red and blue fire
One of purification and the other of consumption.
Two swords have merged,
Forming the two-edged sword
Cutting through bones and marrows.
Shield and buckler used together
Blocking the fiery darts and poisonous arrows.
Two disciples sent in pair
To preach the gospel in Jesus name.
Standing back against back
With eagle’s vision
We are His prophets to the nation,
This is truly a divine connection.
And should any turmoil arise,
Should any demon dare disrupt our kingdom
Let them answer to God’s retribution.

Scripture Support:1 Samuel 18:1 “After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself.” 1 Samuel 18:3 “Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because (C)he loved him as his own soul.”


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