No Child Left Behind

Dear My Child,

I know this path has not been easy
But I see you still trudge it.
Know I am with you along your trudging.
I am aware that some corners are slippery
So you fall
But I stand next to you
Assisting you while you make it back to your feet.
Even when you box my hands
And refuse my help
I persist.

Yes I have the whole world in my hand
But I am never too busy to have a one on one with you.
Do not reject my letters and calls
When you fall to sin.
I will never scorn you
You are still my child. Allow me to hold you.
I know the archive of your mind
Is far from pure and holy.
But it is not your death sentence.

2020 has pulled the mat from under your feet
And you fell in temptation.
The isolation of pandemic
Has provoked a spirit of loneliness
That torments your mind
And disrupt your sleep.
To ease your mind you returned to vices.
It’s ok.
My hands are outstretched,
Take them.

Behold I knocked.
And I am still knocking
Behold I will continue to knock
Because I will not leave you behind.
I will not give you up to adoption
Nor will I remove you from my household composition.
My Son will always be the key
To the place I’ve prepared for you.
The key will never change
And the prepared place will always be available.

My love has a No Child Left Behind policy.

With Grace,

Your God

Scripture Support: Luke 15:4-5-7 “There once was a shepherd with a hundred lambs, but one of his lambs wandered away and was lost. So the shepherd left the ninety-nine lambs out in the open field and searched in the wilderness for that one lost lamb. He didn’t stop until he finally found it. With exuberant joy he raised it up and placed it on his shoulders, carrying it back with cheerful delight! Returning home, he called all his friends and neighbors together and said, ‘Let’s have a party! Come and celebrate with me the return of my lost lamb. It wandered away, but I found it and brought it home.’ ” Jesus continued, “In the same way, there will be a glorious celebration in heaven over the rescue of one lost sinner who repents, comes back home, and returns to the fold—more so than for all the righteous people who never strayed away.”


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