Hello From The Other Side

He that is in the world:
Are you there?
It is said that greater is He that is in me
Then I who is in the world.
But I cant feel the greater.
I am swimming in the ocean of my mind
And sinking in the Sunken Place of my heart.
There is static in our connection—-
I cannot tell if you are receiving my calls
Or maybe you are too far?
Pacing in the center of a room
Fill with influences and opportunities
But none of which restores my strength.
What is so great about you!?
Are you great at being at a great distance?
Hello from the Other Side,
It’s me.

Greater is He:
I hear you! And have been hearing you.
But I do not share my seat!
I will not speak while you have rented
The communication room of your heart to Sin.
Do not ask me to save you from that which you hug tightly
And feed daily.
I am not your butler
I will not remove plates
While you are still eating from it.
Yes I am greater is he that is in you
But only when you rely on me.
Have you relied on me?
Hello from the other side, you may speak.

He that is in the world:
I tried, and I get it right sometimes!
Do you not consider my efforts?
Are they not in the records?
I have been sober for months,
I pray in the morning and I tithe biweekly,
I haven’t entertained lust——
And you know that was my vice.
Yes, Lord, it was.
But look at me now, pure and new
Like an untouched gold mine.
Come on, can you just be kind?
It is not easy out here
It’s desolate and dry…..
Hello, From the other side?

Greater is He:
You do try,
This I cannot argue.
But what about long-suffering
And sound mind?
What about resisting a strong man
And he will flee from you?
You’ve been making Checkers move in this game of Chess.
Pay no attention to the needs of the flesh
As they nag like beggars.
You know what to do——
Remove sin from my seat
So I may step in
Until you are willing to do that do not dial-in.
Over and Out.

He in the world:
Hello? Hello?
From the other side?
It’s me.

Scripture Support: 1 John 4:4 “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”


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