Courtroom of Heaven Pt2: The Public Defender

Then entered Jesus,
The public defender.
He walked down the court aisle
With his arms stretched open.
His blood dripped from His palms unto the floor.
As he walked towards the counsel table
His footprints stained the floor with his blood.
He wore a white garment
With ripped hem and blood stains.
He hugged the man on trial,
Covering him in His blood.
“He pleas not guilty, I said” repeated Jesus

Satan looked straight ahead,
He did not once looked at Jesus.
He could not.
Confused, the man on trial asked
“Whats happening, I cannot afford a lawyer”
Jesus replied:
I am your Public Defender.
In my presence you are a defendant,
Without me you have no defense.
Therefore, for you I have come
To represent.
All you need to do is plea not guilty and repent.
To not plea guilty is to break every contract you made with your sins.
It is denouncing your old identity
And accepting your new identity in me.
To repent is to secure immunity
From the prosecutor’s charges.
Let me represent you
My defense is free and sure.

Satan interrupts—
Your Honor, this man has disobeyed you.
He has neglected your word
And has no church home.
He rejected the prophets you sent to him.
Your honor, this man have not steward your word.
Sadly, he has no awareness of your purpose for him.
He sat with addiction and laid with pornography.
He coveted his neighbors which was evident in his many gossips.
In high school, he stole from and bullied other kids.
In college, he was constantly drunk and hosted orgies.
He dabbled in witchcraft,
Do you not remember the day he went to my psychic?
He has no patience in your plan for him.
He is not a good representation of your word,
Therefore he should not have a place in your Kingdom.
His sister is more fitting a candidate to enter in your gates
But, let me have him.

The Judge then asked:
Defendant, how do you respond?

Jesus then removed his shirt
And showed the Judge the open wounds on his back.
Your honor, my Father sent me
His only begotten son
To bleed on Calvary for the sin of his children
And I still bleed for them until this day.
My blood covers their sins and stains their doorposts.
By the cuts on my back
This man is not guilty.
I have paid, in full, the price.
My blood covers those before me
And those after me.
My blood was spilled before I got to Calvary.
As I walked to Calvary I was whipped and beaten.
My blood was spilled then,
And it outlined my steps to my crucifixion.
It was splashed into the crowd
And healed the people while they stoned and spat.

My blood splashed on them and their sins were forgiven then.
My blood was covering sins before I made it to Calvary
And before it stained the cross.
This man is under my insurance and warranty.

(Court Adjourned)

Scripture Support:
John 5:22 The Father judges no one, but has given all judgment to the Son,
John 3:16
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.


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