The Voice of God Pt 2

Stop all clocks.
Turn off all engines
And silence the waves of the ocean.
Replace the 7 o’clock news
With instrumentals of hymns.

I hear a flood coming from behind the sky
I feel its weight pressing down
I hear a drop of water from the sky
Hitting the earth—

Dim the lights to my worries
And close all doors to distraction.
Silence the crying childhood trauma
With scriptures like lullabies.

I am trying to listen
To the river of living water flowing in my stomach.
There is a whisper erupting from the core of my spirit
It demands my attention.

It’s the voice of God.
A key that opens closed doors
An instrument that sings over us.
The words from His mouth
Produced life from dust
And place the stars in the sky
With no strings attached.

It’s the voice of God.
I am revived when He talks;
Dead things come alive when He speaks
When He called my name
My life became different,
My perspective of myself changed

It’s the voice of God.
It reminds me that the stone that is rejected
By the builders will become the chief cornerstone.
It tells me I am the head and not the tail,
Above and not beneath.
It gives me instructions on how to become
The lender and not the borrower.

It’s the voice of God.
It is holy and great,
It establishes and dismantles kings.
It humbles the storms.
Commands the sun
And directs the four winds.
When its all said and done
Its the voice of God that gets the job done

It’s the voice of God.
The world and all its entities
Stand at attention when He speaks.
Its the voice of God
That woke Lazarus from his sleep.
It established the earth
And separated the land from water.
The voice of God is a strong tower
By His words, the righteous are saved.

It’s the voice of God.
It’s still and distinct,
Trust me you will know it is Him.
It grasps attention with subtle wisdom
Unknown to the system of our human mind.
Then we say “haha, it is you who speak
And not I”
Because His wisdom is above
The goodness of our impure hearts
And above the limits of our conformed minds.

It’s the voice of God.
It sounds like a sheep
Responding to the call of the shepherd.
An advocate in the courtroom of Heaven
Against the prosecutor of man
The voice of God is a defender
When judgment comes.
The voice of God broke the chains of the slaves.

It’s the voice of God.
By His words, the worlds were framed,
From His voice, we were created.
The voice of God is author and finisher
Of our lives.
The voice of God is the Alpha and Omega
And everything in between.
His voice is the glue that holds it all together.

Scripture Support: Hebrews 11:3 “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”


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