God, I Remember

God, I remember
How you pulled me
Away from the hug of depression
And from the grip of addiction.
Without judgment, without criticism
You nurtured me back from sin
You loved me in spite of my stench

God, I remember
The days when I dined with hopelessness
But you paid the bill.
You took me on a date,
You introduced yourself to me
And then told me who I Am.
With a confident stare—
You told me I’m yours
And my soul blushed

God, I remember
When Sin rented a room in my heart
And my life did not represent who I am in you
You forgave me and bought the building of my heart.
You evicted Sin.
Like the carpenter you are,
You started the renovation of my heart.
Removing the decorations,
And breaking down walls.
You Prepared me to be a sanctuary
Pure and Holy,
Tried and True

God I remember
The journey and the Good Samaritans along the way.
The food on my lap and roof over my head.
The stream in my desert seasons
Quenching my thirst while drowning sin.
My deliverance came with pain,
But you drew close with every suffering.

God, I remember
When I did not know you
But you pursued me
And when I stepped away
You received my return with a hug.
You then said “welcome come home, son”
And my tear soaked your robe

God, I remember
My moments of uncertainties
When I lost faith in your word
And grew frustrated with your corrections.
You were patient with me
And forgiving to my tongue.
Your attempts did not cease
And your grace still kept me.

God, I remember
When my heart was fueled by the praise and rejection of men
You save me from drowning in the sea betrayal and heartbreaks
You purge my heart with oil and fire
So that it does not become like gall
When I lost a friend or brother
God I remember you being a friend
That sticks closer than a brother

God, I remember
My childhood traumas
And recognizes your hands guiding me through.
You made a way out of a dead-end
And you sent sojourners to feed me.
Food on my table and shoes on my feet
That was your doing.
God, I remember how you love me.

Scripture Support: John 14:26 “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”


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