Heart Posture Pt 1: Assess The Heart

When was the last time
You sat in the corner of the secret place,
Separated, spending time with your heart
And allowing the Holy Spirit to search the
Secrets of your heart?
When was the last time
You did a wellness check on your heart?

Have your heart become a graveyard
With buried pain and cremated trauma?
A Tombstone for those who hurt you?
A Shrine for painful memories and broken trust?
A stench dense in self loathing and insecurity?
Its time to Excavate the heart!
Removing carefully the fossils and skeletons

The heart listens to the voices around it
And to whispers near it.
How is the hearing of your heart?
Is it in tune with the voice of God?
Ears that are muffled by cries of the past
Are deaf to the conviction of the Lord.
A deaf heart———
Is like a sojourner with a broken compass
In the wilderness.
Its time to heal the hearing of the heart!

Are the eyes of your heart healed and open?
Be aware of a heart that is broken
But not contrite
The lens of that heart only provides
Fragmented perspectives.
It lacks feelings or expression of remorse or repentance
From what lens does your heart view others:
From an illusion of anxiety and fear conjured by the enemy?
From unconditional love and empathy?
From silent unforgiveness?
It’s time to remove the cataracts from the eye of the heart.

How’s the mind of your heart?
It is said that out of the heart flows the issues of life
How do you perceive the issues in your life?
A constant view of corrections as punishments
And test as temptation
Will only create a stubborn heart.
The thoughts that “randomly” comes across your mind,
That you have not put on trial by the Word
Have you searched the heart to see from where they come?
The heart and the mind communicates
Nothing on the mind is random
But only a reflection of the thoughts of the heart.
Does your heart think from the perspective
Of your unhealed inner boy or girl
Who you have abandoned in your search to be loved?
It’s time to renew the thinking of your heart.

What is the posture of your heart?
A prostrated heart is a surrendered heart
Maintaining its stance and form on the promises of God
A heart not prostrated, a heart not surrendered
Is an unplanted, ungrounded heart
That wavers then fall
Therefore bearing no fruits in due seasons.
A heart built on pride lacks prudence
A heart not prostrated eventually succumbs to the snares of the enemy.
The heart built on dishonor is a sick heart.
A stagnant posture yields no faith,
It produces no sacrificial worship.
It’s time to check the posture and stance of your heart

What influences the empathy and generosity of your heart?
Shakespeare preached “to love and be loved”
But a heart in pending of love from man
Is a heart that receives many heart breaks
Because it functions on the praise and rejection of man.
Has your heart come to understand
That the more you love
There’s a possibility you may be loved less?
Have you allowed your heart
To start its training on unconditional love?
Until the heart learns to give selfless and sacrificial love
It is not ready for the afflictions of Christ
It is also not ready to be pure and holy
It has no interest in being tried and true.
Many of us cry “I have a good heart”
But what is the influence of this “good heart”?
Is it the love of God
Or the battle scars from the past.
Have we established the definition of a “good heart”
On our ability to survive hardship
And still love?
That’s an adrenaline that will eventually run out.
It’s time to establish the love you give
On the love of Christ.

What easily besets your heart?
Unresolved issues and unhealed wounds
Covered in fleshly strength,
Hidden by the sweet fragrance of self betrayal
Do not disappear.
They remain unsettled producing an unsettled heart
And a troubled mind.
We ask for the peace that passes all understanding
But it will not come to a heart that is easily beset
For the unresolved, unspoken issues of the heart
Will contend against the peace of God.
It’s time to resolve the unresolved heart.

You’re due for a heart check.
It’s time to schedule an electrocardiogram appointment with the Doctor.
Let Him record the electrical activity of your heart.
Let him reflect what’s happening in different areas of your heart
He will help to identify any problems with the rhythm or rate of your heart.
Then with humility and thanksgiving
Take the results of the test
And do the heart-work.
Create an art work of your heart
That reflects the love of God in your life.

Scripture Support:
Romans 3:10 “As it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one;”
Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”
Jeremiah 17:10 “I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.”


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