Heart Posture Pt 3: Train The Heart

Discipline your heart
Not by feelings or facts
But by the Word of God.
Train your heart
To be obedient to the will of Him
Who made you
So it may withstand the wiles and snares
So it may endure your brother’s imperfections
So it may love your sister in spite of her inconsistency
Train up your heart in the commandments of God.

God does not look at the seeds we sow
No, it is not the tithes and offerings
That He is concerned with.
He is not amused by the people we serve
And the souls we win.
While He appreciates those
It is the heart He is concerned with.
It is our hearts He looks upon
From the rising of the sun
To the awaken of the moon.
Therefore, why not train your heart?

Train the heart to be honorable
At all times
To be humble
At all times
To be patient
At all times
To be merciful
At all times
To be grateful
At all times
To be forgiving
At all times
To love purely
At all times
Train the heart to represent God
At all times

A steadfast heart comes from endurance.
When you become tired learn to rest,
Not give up.
Allow the heart to endure the test from God
So that it can build character
Train your heart to know that
Suffering produces perseverance;
And perseverance produces Character;
And character produces hope.
The strategy of the enemy is to
Make the heart grow weary.
Train your heart to be steadfast.

Good accountability and correction
Are necessary when training the heart
The heart is deceitful and can be without integrity.
Accountability keeps the heart in check
While corrections discipline a listening heart
Untamed is the heart without accountability
Untrained is the heart that does not receive corrections.

A repenting heart
Is a heart that is ready to be trained.
After repentance,
The heart becomes free from its master, sin
With the Holy Spirit as its new master.
But a heart not willing to unlearn the old
Is a stubborn heart that cannot be trained

Scripture Support:
Proverbs 2:2 “So train your heart to listen when I speak and open your spirit wide to expand your discernment— then pass it on to your sons and daughters.”
Proverbs 27:19 “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.”


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