Broken Bread & Poured Out Wine

To be a true servant of Christ
We must be willing to experience martyrdom for His gospel
As His servant, we must take on His afflictions
We must become broken bread and poured out wines
This is an act of our will, not our emotions.

We owe it to God to be the best
For His sons and daughters
The process of being broken bread & poured out wine
Requires us to feed other people’s souls,
You become a source of supply for them
Until they learn to draw directly from God.
No! You are not being used,
If it is about the Father’s business.
You are simply a broken bread and poured out wine

Consecrate yourself for service
And posture your heart with forgiveness
Strive to be pure and holy
Allow yourself to be tried to become true
Give thanks that you are found worthy to be served
On His table and to His sheep

A life of being a broken bread
Is a life that needs close proximity to God
Those around you will break off you
And eat, with ease, from your wisdom gained in pain
With no record of wrongdoings and with patience
Still you must serve them.

If you are called to be a poured out wine,
Then stay close to the True Vine.
In His vineyard, you are replenished.
Those you are assigned to will drink from your strength
And quench their thirst with your unconditional love
Then hand you back an empty glass.
With long-suffering and peace
Fill them up again.

Being His broken bread and poured out wine
Is the rent we pay for living.
Serve with gladness and thanksgiving
Let your soul serve with humility and sing
A new song from a new wineskin
It is a privileged and honor
To be broken and poured out for Christ.

Scripture Support:
Philippians 2:17: “But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you.”


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