7 Times Fall, 7 Times Rise

They may write me down in their hearts
A narrative base on my mistakes and flaws
With eyes that fail to see my growth
Though it is silent,
Still, I rise.
With their unforgiveness, and twisted pens,
They continue to illustrate my past in my presence
Choking my hope in the future
And discouraging my confidence
But at heart, I remain righteous
And my soul grieved
For 40 days and 40 nights

A weakness came upon my flesh,
My ship sailed without me.
In the storm,
I stumbled. I fell.
And I, a man of God, fell into sin.
Shame and guilt taunted me.
Far from God, I felt,
Too unclean to approach Him, I thought.
Some encouraged me,
While others expressed their disappointments.
Woe is me, I thought.
But God reminded me that a righteous man
Falls seven times and rises again.
I found solace in the darkness and dense silence of my room.
And there I saw His hands and he said:
“Come, get up”

The enemy may tread me in the very dirt,
Twist my character and rob me of relationships.
My brokenness may have scared many
And the weight of my anointing crushed the few who got close.
The flaws in my character have made many victims.
Yes, the issues of life made me waver
And they probably still will.
I am imperfect, not by choice.
But still, like a leaf in the wind, I will rise.

It takes patience and endurance to carry a righteous man
And the love of Christ to bear up His prophet.
The safest place for such a man is in the hands of God
Because in the hands of man, they both will stumble.
No one said the road would be easy
But though he fell, a righteous man should never stay down.
There is grace to rise again.

Every fall is not a display of a man’s weakness
But an opportunity for a lesson
And a situation to glorify God.
I know this much,
Every righteous man needs a Good Samaritan
To dress his wounds as he gets back up.
No fall is easy and the get-up is harder.
No righteous man can do it alone,
But with the grace of God and a supportive community
A righteous man falls seven times
But gets back up.

A righteous man will rise.
A righteous man will rise.
A righteous man will always rise.

Scripture Support:
Proverbs 24:16-18 “For a righteous man may fall seven times
And rise again, But the wicked shall fall by calamity.”


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