Heart Posture Pt 4: The Corrected Heart

2020 has put a strain
On the hearts of humankind
And many are the hearts that shifted posture
Many are the hearts that have established idols before the Lord
Idols we called “coping mechanisms”.

Many are the hearts that did not honor Psalm 1.
But 2021 is here
And the Lord is testing the hearts of His children
“This is the season of the heart”
Says the Lord.

The Lord is exposing the secrets of the hearts
To its owner and the Kingdom
For no longer will He allow us
To enter into a new season with old wineskin
Like unto David, God is sending Nathans to convict hearts

Stand corrected.
The heart is a deceitful member
Capable of deceiving its owner
Who can tame it?
No one but the Word of God

I see a field
With grass white like snow
Stained with the red blood
Of slain hearts scattered about
The Lord has drawn His sword

He has prepared His rod,
God is rebuking the hearts
And challenging integrity.
Have your way, Lord

I hear weeping and mourning
Even gnashing of teeth
From the hearts tied to the altar
Being tried by fire
I see tears of repentance

And this is what the Lord said:

“For you are a generation that fears correction.
You are full of pride!
So you seek comfort instead of chastisement
How dare you?

You listen to worship songs to soothe your pain
And you run to the scriptures that confirm your emotions
You block out my voice and ignore my conviction
But now I have arrested your vile hearts
I have put the magnifying glass on you
And I have silent your cry for certain help
For that help will not come,
This is between you and me.

The heart is the heaviest organ in the body
For it is the keeper of the issues of life
At times it is too heavy for its owner to carry
But take my yoke and give me your burdens
I am addressing the issues of the heart
The hardness and the brokenness
The disobedience and stubbornness
I am shifting the heart back into Sonship
And it will be painful
But I must create in you a clean heart

Tell your heart
Be calm and stand corrected
A heart corrected today
Breathes to fight tomorrow
Pray for godly corrections
Read the Word for reproof
Correction is for your growth and livelihood.
Stand corrected at heart.

Scripture Support: Proverbs 23:26 “My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways,”


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