My name is Orayne Williams. I have been writing poems since I was a child growing up in Kingston, Jamaica. I remember being 12 years old reading the Book of Psalms and loved it because of how poetic it sounds. For a long time, my poems would be about my pain and the pain I observe in the world. Writing poems has always been an outlet for me. Especially as a teen faced with homelessness and separation from my family. Poetry kept me sane. I enjoy writing–it gives me a sense of peace that I want to share.

Recently, my writing style and “insight” have changed in a positive way. As I read the bible more and dive deeper, I notice my poetic writing has enhanced. It feels more revelatory and oftentimes I get a title or a line for a poem during prayer or worship. When I spend time with the title or line given to me in prayer, wisdom and revelation begin to flow. I am using A Poetic Word as a platform to share the word and revelation of God through poetry.

I earned a BA in English at John Jay College for Criminal Justice and an MSW from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service. I work as a Social Worker in Bronx, New York.

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