As The Deer

I was walking through the forest
And I saw a deer walking and panting.
It was focused on something ahead.
I followed the deer
And saw that he panted for the water.
Then I remembered the song
And I wondered,
Why do the deer pants for the water?
Is it only because he is thirsty?
In my curiosity, I approached the deer
And we sat by the water.

The Deer’s Response:

The wilderness requires endurance.
It is full of uncertainties——
There are fallen trees and quicksands,
There is the absence of light at night
I am constantly adapting to the change in weather
I am hunted by humans and predators
I am not safe while crossing the street

There are snares in the forest
That was set with the intention to kill me
Therefore, my eyes are always vigilant
And my mind remains sober.
My ears listen onto heaven
For the voice of my Creator
Who leads me to the water.
I pant because there is water available.

I am up against predators smarter than I
Which always results in a fight for my life
I was bitten by a wolf once on my leg
But I was able to escape
I limped my way through the foggy forest
I found the water by which I dressed my wounds.
I pant because the water has healing power

Energy is necessary for endurance
Food is necessary for energy
Unlike you, I don’t order my food from Ubereats
Who delivers it while you watch Netflix from the couch
I often get my food in places
Where I am hunted
So I prefer to get my food by the water
Where it is safer and sure.
I pants because He provides for me by the water

This life is not for the swift and strong,
As you can see I have overcome many predators,
But this life is for those who can endure.
I cannot allow myself to run on “E”
If that “E” means empty
Therefore, I run on “E”ndurance.
I must always know where to find the water
It is like a gas station that fuels those vicious machines
I pant because the water helps me to endure life.

My tomorrow is not sure
So my eternal life is a priority.
Where I go after I die, means something to me
My pant is symbolic to yearn of my soul for Him,
It is me seeking salvation
My soul is relying on my pant
I pant because there is salvation in the water.

You see,
Life is filled with ups and downs,
Snares and fowlers.
There is the straight and narrow
But there are also the twists and turns.
As living beings we will stumble, we will fall
But no shame in the game
So I pant to the water for we all have fallen short of the Glory of God.

The enemy hunts; he never ceases.
The water not only satisfy my thirst
It also provides a way of escape
As I use it to erase my scent trail
When being hunted.
We are not exempt from becoming unclean
Going through life will do that
But there is a river, a stream
In which you can wash.
I pants to the water because it covers and cleanses me.

Each day I am alive
I go to the water.
It is symbolic of the thirst in my soul
That needs quenching
I pant to the water because my soul
Longs after Him
So until I am with Him
I will drink from Him.

And that my friend is why the deer pants for the water.

Scripture Support:
Psalm 42:1 “As a deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for Thee, O God.”


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